What Is an Eturnal Tribute™

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What Is an Eturnal Tribute™
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What Is an Eturnal Tribute™
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What Is an Eturnal Tribute™

What is an Eturnal Tribute™

An Eturnal Tributes™  provides users with the ability to create and manage virtual memorial page for their deceased loved ones. This page serves as a hub for a community of family and friends to come together, exchange memories, and preserve the cherished remembrances of their loved ones, ensuring their enduring legacy. With customizable features that reflect the unique life and personality of the deceased, share stories, photos, videos and comments about the loved one. 




Benefits of an Eturnal Tribute™

Numerous methods exist for commemorating loved ones, yet none compare to the distinctive approach offered by Eturnal Tributes™. Here are several advantages when opting for an Eturnal Tribute™:

Accessibility: Eturnal Tribute™ can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for friends and family members who may be far away or unable to attend a physical memorial service to participate in honoring the memory of their loved one. 

Permanence: Unlike physical memorial items, an Eturnal Tribute™ page can be kept up indefinitely, providing a lasting and permanent space for loved ones to gather and remember.

Creativity: An Eturnal Tribute™ can be personalized with photos, videos, and other creative elements, allowing loved ones to showcase the unique personality and life of the deceased.

Collaboration: An Eturnal Tribute™ can be a collaborative effort, allowing multiple people to contribute memories and messages of love and support.

Flexibility: An Eturnal Tribute™ can be updated and changed over time, allowing loved ones to continue to add memories and share their grief journey.

Cost-effective: Creating an Eturnal Tribute™ can be a cost-effective alternative to more traditional memorial items, such as headstones or physical memorials.

Ultimately, creating an online tribute page can provide a meaningful and flexible space for loved ones to come together to remember and honor the life of their deceased family member or friend.

Eturnal Niche Nameplate

An added service we offer with our Eturnal Niche is the ability to scan a QR code on the loved ones memorial nameplate. If your loved one is inurned in an Eturnal Niche™ then their nameplate will have a QR code that will point back to their Eturnal Tribute™ at the families request.