Plan A Cremation

Plan A Cremation

Planning Cremation

Arranging a cremation is more complex than one might anticipate, involving considerations such as selecting desired services, choosing a provider, and deciding on a final resting place. We aim to provide you with the information needed to help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one.

Cremation Services

When opting for cremation, there are various choices and considerations available to individuals and their families. Here are some common options associated with cremation:

    • Direct Cremation: This is a simple and cost-effective option where the body is cremated shortly after death without a formal viewing or funeral service. Families may choose to hold a memorial service at a later time or in a separate location.
    • Traditional Cremation with Funeral Service: Similar to a traditional funeral, this option involves a formal viewing or visitation, a funeral service, and then cremation. The cremation may take place following the funeral service or at a later time.
    • Memorial Service: Families can opt for a memorial service, which is held after the cremation has taken place. This allows for a gathering of friends and family to commemorate the life of the deceased without the presence of the body.
    • Scattering of Ashes: Cremated remains can be scattered in a location that held significance for the deceased or their family. Some choose to scatter ashes in nature, over water, or in designated scattering gardens.
    • Burial of Ashes: Cremated remains can be buried in a cemetery, Eturnal Columbarium™, or cremation plot. Some cemeteries have specific areas designated for the burial of ashes.
    • Keepsake Options: Families can choose to keep a portion of the ashes in keepsake urns, cremation jewelry, or other memorial items. This allows for a tangible remembrance of the deceased.
    • Cremation with Witnessing: Some crematories offer the option for family members to witness the cremation process. This can provide a sense of closure and understanding for those who choose to be present.
    • Pre-Planning: Individuals can make arrangements for their own cremation in advance, specifying their preferences and easing the burden on their loved ones during a difficult time.

It’s important to note that the availability of these options may vary depending on local regulations, cultural practices, and the policies of cremation providers. When considering cremation, individuals and families should explore these options and communicate their preferences to ensure their wishes are honored.

Cremation Cost with Service

– Service Fees:                                                                   $2,495

– Removal/Transfer of remains:                                     $395

– Embalming:                                                                     $845

– Other preparation of the body:                                   $295

– Use of facilities/staff for viewing:                                $475

– Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony:              $550

– Service car/van:                                                              $175 

– Cremation fee:                                                                $400

– Alternative cremation container:                                $160

– Urn:                                                                                   $295

Total: $6,280

National Median Cost as of 2023 according to NFDA 

Eturnal Niche™ Cost

– Eturnal Niche:                                                                $2,500

– Open/Closing:                                                               Included

– Plate & Engraving:                                                        Included

– Perpetual Maintenance:                                              Included

– Urn:                                                                                $50-$500

Inurnment Cost

– Niche Cost:                                                     $1,000-$4,500 

-Open/Closing:                                                     $350-$3,500

– Perpetual Maintenance:                             5%-15% (plot cost)

– Engraving:                                                          $500-$1500

– Urn:                                                                        $50-$500

Eturnal Columbarium’s™ maintain a uniform pricing structure, unaffected by location or population size, and exclusively feature indoor columbarium facilities. The inclusive cost covers all associated services, ensuring transparency without any concealed fees. The provided information illustrates the average expenses between Eturnal Niche’s™ and the rest of the industry for the various items and services related to the placement of cremated remains.

Choosing a Provider

Selecting the right provider for funeral or cremation services is a crucial decision with significant implications for individuals and their families. We want to provide you some key factors to consider when choosing a provider for you or your loved one. 


Below are some factors to consider when looking for a provider:  

    • Compassionate and Supportive Guidance: A reputable provider offers compassionate support during a difficult time, guiding families through the process of making arrangements with empathy and understanding.
    • Professional Expertise: The right provider possesses professional expertise in handling all aspects of funeral or cremation services, ensuring that legal requirements are met and the process is conducted smoothly.
    • Personalized Services: Different families have unique preferences and cultural considerations. A reliable provider offers personalized services to accommodate specific wishes and traditions, creating a meaningful and respectful farewell.
    • Transparent Pricing: Transparent pricing is crucial to avoid financial surprises. A trustworthy provider provides clear and comprehensive information about costs, helping families make informed decisions without hidden fees.
    • Range of Options: Families have diverse needs and preferences. A good provider offers a range of options, including various types of services, cremation or burial choices, and memorialization options, allowing families to tailor arrangements to their specific requirements.
    • Facilities and Amenities: The facilities and amenities provided by the funeral or cremation provider can impact the overall experience. A well-equipped and maintained facility can offer comfort to grieving families and create a dignified environment for memorial services.
    • Reliability and Reputation: Reputation matters in the funeral industry. Choosing a provider with a positive reputation for reliability and integrity ensures that the services will be conducted with professionalism and care.
    • Pre-Planning Services: Some providers offer pre-planning services, allowing individuals to make arrangements in advance. This not only relieves the burden on grieving family members but also ensures that the individual’s wishes are honored.
    • Counseling and Grief Support: Grieving is a challenging process, and a compassionate provider may offer counseling and grief support services to help individuals and families cope with their emotions and navigate the mourning period.
    • Compliance with Regulations: Funeral and cremation services are subject to various regulations. Choosing a licensed and accredited provider ensures compliance with legal requirements, giving families confidence that their loved one is handled with care and in accordance with the law.

Selecting the right funeral or cremation provider is essential for ensuring a respectful and meaningful farewell, providing support to grieving families, and navigating the logistical and emotional aspects of end-of-life arrangements. It’s a decision that requires careful consideration and research to align with individual preferences and values.

Choosing an Eturnal Resting Place

When choosing an Eturnal resting place it is important to look over the various option to find what is best for you or a loved one. When making this decision make sure to consider personal beliefs, cultural practices, and individual preferences. Wether for oneself or a loved one, there are many options to select from. Below are some of the options to consider when making this decision. 

Cremation Urn: Many individuals choose to keep cremated remains in a decorative urn. This can be displayed at home, providing a tangible and personal connection to the departed. 

Cemetery or Memorial Garden: Cremated remains can be interred in a cemetery, either in a designated cremation plot or in a memorial garden. These spaces often offer options for personalized markers or plaques. 

Columbarium: A columbarium is a structure specifically designed to house cremation urns. It provides a secure and dignified space for the storage of urns and may be located in a cemetery, mausoleum, or church. 

Scattering: Scattering ashes in a meaningful location is a popular choice. This could be over water, in a scenic natural setting, or in a designated scattering garden. Be sure to check local regulations governing scattering. 

Memorialization Options: Some individuals choose to memorialize their loved ones by incorporating cremated remains into objects like jewelry, glass art, or memorial diamonds. Family Property or Land: In some regions, individuals have the option to scatter or bury cremated remains on family-owned land, subject to local regulations. 

Biodegradable Urns: For those with environmental concerns, biodegradable urns are designed to break down naturally over time when buried, contributing to a more eco-friendly option. 

Combining Ashes: If multiple family members are cremated, some choose to combine their ashes in a single urn or scatter them together in a meaningful location.

Choosing a final resting place for cremation is a deeply personal decision. Open communication with family members, understanding local regulations, and considering the individual’s preferences and values can help guide this important decision-making process.

Families Guide to Cremation and Choosing an Eturnal Niche™

Download our comprehensive and practical resource for families navigating the difficult process of cremation and memorialization. This downloadable guide provides step-by-step guidance on the entire cremation process, from selecting a reputable provider to choosing a final resting place for your loved one. With a special emphasis on columbarium niches, this guide also includes detailed information on the benefits of this type of memorialization and the cost considerations involved. Whether you’re pre-planning or dealing with the loss of a loved one, “Families Guide to Cremations and Choosing an Eternal Niche” is a valuable resource to help you make informed decisions and honor the memory of your loved ones in a meaningful way.

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