What is an Eturnal Niche

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What is an Eturnal Niche
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What is an Eturnal Niche
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What is an Eturnal Niche

An Eturnal Columbarium™

An Eturnal columbarium is a structure that contains niches or compartments designed to hold the cremated remains of deceased individuals, typically in small urns. Columbaria can be found in cemeteries, funeral homes, churches, and other places where people may choose to inter cremated remains. Some columbaria are designed for outdoor use, while others are located indoors.

Columbaria can be a popular choice for individuals who choose cremation as their preferred method of disposition, but who also want to have a permanent place for their remains to be stored and remembered. Family members may also choose to purchase a niche in an Eturnal columbarium™ as a way to keep the remains of a loved one close and accessible.

An Eturnal Niche™

 A columbarium niche, is a compartment or cubicle specifically designed for the placement of urns containing the cremated remains of deceased individuals. These niches are typically small, individual spaces within the columbarium where urns are stored. Families or loved ones of the deceased can place the urns in these niches as a way to memorialize and pay their respects to the departed. Columbarium niches are often sealed or enclosed with a plaque or memorial marker that bears the name, dates, and other details of the deceased person, allowing for identification and remembrance.


In modern times, niches have become a popular choice for those who choose cremation as a means of disposition. The popularity of niches has led to the creation of many different types of structures designed to hold them, including columbaria, mausoleums, niche walls, and our very own Eturnal Niche™. 



Columbarium niches can be found in a variety of locations, including cemeteries, funeral homes, churches, and other places of worship. They may also be located in indoor or outdoor mausoleums or other structures specifically designed for the interment of cremated remains. Some public parks and nature reserves also offer columbarium niches as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial or scattering of ashes. Additionally, there are private companies that specialize in the sale and installation of columbarium niches in a range of settings.


Columbarium’s offer numerous advantages compared to the conventional approach of burial. Some of these benefits include:

1. Permanent Designated Resting Place: A columbarium niche provides a lasting and assigned location for a loved one’s remains. This assurance can bring peace of mind to family members, knowing that the departed will be safeguarded and honored for generations.

2. Visitation and Remembrance Space: Columbarium niches create a specific area for family and friends to visit, offering an opportunity to pay respects to the deceased. This plays a crucial role in the grieving process and can contribute to a sense of closure for those mourning.

3. Protection from Elements and Damage: Columbarium niches shield remains from the elements, safeguarding against weather-related deterioration and potential vandalism. This protection ensures the preservation and respect of the departed’s remains.

4. Space Efficiency: Given their typically smaller size compared to traditional burial plots, columbarium niches offer a compact solution for storing numerous remains in a limited area. This proves advantageous for densely populated cemeteries or families seeking a condensed space to keep their loved ones together.

5. Potential Cost Savings: In contrast to traditional burial options, columbarium niches can be more cost-effective. Their smaller footprint eliminates the need for a burial plot or grave marker, resulting in potential savings. Some cemeteries also offer discounts for families purchasing multiple columbarium niches.


There are some major key factors that impact the cost of niches and burial plots, such as the location of the columbarium, mausoleum or cemetery. The population of the surrounding area may also create a shortage of spaces leading to higher pricing or weather the space is indoor or outdoors in the case of niches. 

Eturnal Niche™ Cost

– Eturnal Niche:                                                                $2,500

– Open/Closing:                                                               Included

– Plate & Engraving:                                                        Included

– Perpetual Maintenance:                                              Included

– Urn:                                                                                $50-$500

Burial Cost

– Plot Cost:                                                            $1,000-$4,500 

-Open/Closing:                                                     $350-$3,500

– Grave Liners/Vaults:                                          $700-$7,000

– Perpetual Maintenance:                             5%-15% (plot cost)

– Headstone/Monument:                                    $500-$3,000

– Engraving:                                                           $500-$1500

Eturnal Columbarium’s™ are one consistent price independent of location, population and is strictly an indoor columbarium. The cost also encompasses all services so that there are no hidden fees. 

In a broad sense, cremation tends to be more cost-effective than traditional burial, primarily because it eliminates the necessity for a burial plot, casket, and related expenses. Nevertheless, the overall cost for either option can vary significantly. To obtain precise pricing details, it’s crucial to engage with local funeral homes or cremation service providers.

Cost of Services

Traditional Funeral Service

– Service Fees:                                                                     $2,459

– Removal/Transfer of remains:                                       $395

– Embalming:                                                                       $845

– Other preparation of the body:                                     $295

– Use of facilities/staff for viewing:                                  $475

– Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony:                $550

– Hearse:                                                                               $375

– Service car/van:                                                                $175

– Basic memorial printed package:                                 $195

– Metal Burial Casket:                                                        $2,500

Total: $8,300

Cremation Service

– Service Fees:                                                                   $2,495

– Removal/Transfer of remains:                                     $395

– Embalming:                                                                     $845

– Other preparation of the body:                                   $295

– Use of facilities/staff for viewing:                                $475

– Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony:              $550

– Service car/van:                                                              $175 

– Cremation fee:                                                                $400

– Alternative cremation container:                                $160

– Urn:                                                                                   $295

Total: $6,280

Alternative Services

An immediate burial is a funeral arrangement where the deceased is promptly laid to rest soon after passing, without a formal viewing or ceremony. This type of burial typically involves minimal delay and simplicity in the burial process.

Immediate Burial (Casket not included):                  $2,597

Direct cremation is a funeral option in which the deceased is promptly cremated after death without a preceding funeral service or viewing. This type of arrangement focuses solely on the cremation process without ceremonies or gatherings.

Direct Cremation:                                                           $2,183

National Median Cost as of 2023

The aforementioned comparison is sourced from the National Funeral Directors Association. Our commitment is to maintain transparency regarding all costs, empowering you to make informed choices tailored to your needs. Furthermore, exploring alternatives such as direct cremation can offer a more budget-friendly option compared to full-service funerals. Burial costs also fluctuate based on factors such as the cemetery’s location and level of exclusivity. Therefore, consulting with relevant local providers is key to understanding the specific financial considerations associated with your preferences.