Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Ask our development team for assistance in planning and designing the layout of your columbaria needs based on the space availability either inside or outside.

We can help you determine the proper location of various columbaria whether it is an outdoor Memorial Garden or the interior of a chapel wall. We will be happy to assist customers from the idea of columbaria to the implementation of any design.


Creating a peaceful resting place for members of a church is a crucial aspect of the religious process. Graveyards are a traditional choice however; this is not always a possibility when space is limited.

Religious Buildings

Many institutions other than the traditional church will require a resting place nearby. The flexibility and ability to hold more members on a plot of land make it an economical choice for space and cost.

Retirement Communities

With columbarium memorials onsite, residents can have the options to live in close proximity to their loved ones. We will work with retirement communities to create a beautiful columbarium that will fit in.

Educational Institutions

Both indoor and outdoor installations can be a great way to eternalize past generations. We will assist each customer in order to create a design that will perfectly match existing interior or exterior.

Military bases/ military schools

Columbarium memorials are a respectable and efficient method of honoring earlier generations who have connections to the military base or educational institution.


Many cities and towns have areas designated for permanent resting places for members of the community. Municipalities are always looking for more cost effective solutions to offer locals.